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Fencing is a very important security feature because there are too many security threats in Canberra nowadays. Fencing ensures that everything within the fenced area remains protected and restricts access of intruders into your property.

Barbed wire fencing is a very popular type of fencing. A barbed wire has sharp edges along the strand that are arranged at short intervals. This kind of structure makes it hard to trespass because it causes injury.

Barbed wire fencing is easy to install and sustain. It saves you money because not much of it is used due to the spacing. This fencing is corrosion resistant hence able to withstand harsh climate. It is long lasting and requires little maintenance and repair. It has a twist direction alteration of the two wires at barbs that helps reduce sagging:

  • Barbed wire fencing is used above the walls of premises.
  • It is used as standalone fencing and that happens only in big farms where the purpose of fencing is just to specify the boundary.

Barbed wire fencing is erected easily as it only requires fence posts and staples to hold the wire in place. This type of fencing is mostly used in areas that require high security in Canberra such as prisons where it is incorporated with razor wire to discourage climbing the wall. It is also common in rural areas to control animal traffic.

Barbed wire is used in parks and other similar recreational places where they just want to give a boundary of the place. Barbed wire fencing is not made for residential areas because it does not look very cool in front of the house and that’s why people avoid its use in residential areas.


Industry: Fencing

Product: Barbed wire fencing

Suburb: Canberra ACT 2610

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